Our Brand


NICOLI is an Italian brand born in 1975 from the creativity of Fernando Nicoli. From the very beginning this bags and accessories brand is distinguished by a strong identity, by the high quality products, the rich material and the unique manifacture. The values of “Made in Italy”, expressed through the knowing craftsmanship, combined with a timeless design give birth to a refined and elegant style. At the center of everything is the tradition of leather, exclusively sourced in Italy, through which the company expresses its full potential, with a knowing balance of tradition and innovation.
Thanks to its dynamic group of people and its fashionable collections, expressing the latest trends, over these 40 years NICOLI has conquered the interest of the national and international markets. Currently, NICOLI collections are appreciated worldwide and are present in numerous multi-brand stores. More than 70% of the turnover is exported; U.S, Russia, France and Japan are the main foreign markets.
Today the Brand is facing a new project conducted by Gioshi SRL, a company with a long family tradition. The objective is to create new positive synergies between the traditional craftmanship knowledge and a more contemporary identity, capable of adapting to the requirements of the dynamic fashion industry.


The creative energy of our team, working together and integrating different points of view as well as a wide range of professional skills, allows us to be highly in tune with the market. The professional growth of each individual member of our team has been a determining factor in our growth. This has been one of our objectives and it has allowed our company and Brand to be recognized both on the national and international market. Integration, cohesion, involvement and integrity are not just words but are part of our nature and of our way of being.


As always our company philosophy is to transfer the values of the Italian style, this is expressed through our Brand identity both in terms of attention to the highest quality standards as well as to beautiful and trendy designs.
Our key objective is to offer products which satisfy the international market, combining traditional craftsmanship with research in techniques and design. We achieve this through our talented team of individuals, who share our company values, and our many external partners all coming together in bringing to life our amazing collections.